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Garden Salad
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Greek Salad
Chefs Salad
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Lunch and Dinner Options



Please submit your lunch order by 10:00 AM on delivery date, with the exception of Hot Food Orders.
Hot Food: To guarantee your hot food order, please place your order 48 hours prior to delivery.

All lunch and dinner meal orders include:
Complimentary, homemade cookies and brownies, condiments, paper goods, and plastic ware.

Help us serve you better using the following guidelines:
Payment is expected within 15 days of delivery. Invoices will be issued upon delivery. No statement is issued. A charge account is available for corporations. Payment can be made with a company check or credit card.

We will cancel your order if given at least a 24-hour notice. Otherwise, a recovery fee for food costs will be charged. We would like to pick up all serving trays and utensils the same day and/or the next day. We charge a 10% service fee, which includes delivery, paper supplies, packaging and handling.

Simon’s can create many unique foods and appetizers. We would be happy to customize your order to suit your taste and needs!

*Prices may change without notice, please confirm prices when ordering.

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